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1. I hereby declare I am duly authorised to submit the ad advice request, and certify that all the information provided is true, complete and correct, to the best of my knowledge.
2. I authorise CASE to act as it deems fit on my behalf for my ad advice request.
3. My documents and materials relating to my ad advice request will be given to the ASAS and CASE for inspection. I allow CASE to make and keep a copy of my documents.
4. I recognise that the CASE and ASAS will do its best to review the advertisement, which sometimes may involve disclosure of relevant information to third parties or the same disclosure in the public interest.
5. I recognise that the ad advice provided is based only on the material submitted and that by requesting or applying the ad advice, there is no guarantee that any feedback about the organisation's advertisement or marketing communication will not be made or upheld.
6. I recognise that the ad advice provided is not intended to comprise or constitute legal advice.
7. I agree not to hold the CASE liable for any acts or omissions, howsoever caused.
8. I agree to indemnify the CASE against any reasonable claim(s) that may arise from my ad advice request that is found to be untrue or incorrect.
9. I agree not to disclose, but to keep private and confidential all information, communication and correspondence with CASE, unless agreed to by CASE.
10.I undertake to divulge any vested interests, relationships and holdings that I might have in other organisations within the same industry as the company that my ad advice is based upon. In the event whereby I have failed to divulge this information to CASE, my ad advice will be taken as void.
11.I have read, understood and consent to the use of my personal data in accordance with CASE's Personal Data Policy as may be amended from time to time. A copy of the same is available on ASAS's website at ( I acknowledge that in the event that I withdraw consent to the use of my personal data, CASE may not be able to act for me in the matter.